Advanmind Consulting Private Limited

Advanmind is the sole distributor of


and other reputed brands.

An Indian mining engineering and technology company, since 2011 Advanmind help mine operators and owners to identify, procure and maintain cost effective mining equipment, spares and components, compliance and HR in India.

Advanmind is experienced executive and consulting team with 40+ man years of experience in underground mining, control systems, automation and business management systems.

Advanmind is specialized in underground coal mining sector in India. Advanmind helps international equipment manufacturers with mining safety and security compliance.

Over the past 10 years, LIANLI offer innovative solutions to help both domestic and worldwide coal users developing continuously, which won a good reputation in the mining industry.
LIANLI solve problems by formulate and using the analysis method, also developing a unique integrated solutions according to mining customers, which enable them operate efficiently, reliable and low-cost inputs.
LIANLI developed a customer-centric training and support program that make users to take full advantage of our innovative products,, also we are supply the special item design and service teams ‘s professional service, which including professional knowledge, sales, comprehensive on-site maintenance and repair, installation and testing services to ensure customers could get big rewards from investment.
In mining industry, downtime means loss of money, for which LIANLI set up a specialized service center to ensure customers without downtime.

Mr. Biswanath Pan

Chairman, Advanmind Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Ex CMD of BCCL, Mr. Pan is having more than 46 years in the Indian coal mining industry. One of the most eminent personality of Indian mining Industry. He is a proponent of modernization and innovative cost effective solution for undergroung coal mining. Mr. Pan is a prominent board member in various reputed mining organozation and a great active contributor of mining education in India.

Mining Equipment Advanmind is dealing with

Underground power supply and distribution equipment including

Mining FLP & I.S. power center
Mining FLP & I.S. switchgear
UG FLP mobile substations and transformers

Underground electrical and electronic equipment

Mining FLP & I.S. AC variable speed drives
Mining FLP & I.S. frequency control units

Mining automation and control systems

Face and belt communication control systems
Variable frequency control devices
Wirless sensor and control devices

Software and sensor

MIne use System Software
Belt Monitoring Sensor
Security Monitoring Sensor
Explotion Proof Vehicle Protecting Sensor

Contacting Advanmind

Equipment and component manufacturers are welcome to
discuss with us about marketing and support
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